Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a beautiful noise....

The other night Mitchial and Samuel wanted to capture the moon and the first star as they were rising before the sun had said goodnight. Easier said than done with 2 wiggly boys and light fading quickly (and no professional photographer :) I let them each have their turn. Excitement brimming over the top to see if they could catch the moon. As they quieted down to hold still, all the night sounds starting waking.
I loved it...the boys started to whisper secrets thinking only they could hear. Crickets were waking, frogs were talking, birds had quieted down for the night. It's like we could hear the bats we saw sweeping over our heads. I told the boys this was the magical hour when daytime and nighttime meet for just a few seconds, smile, then go their separate ways. Their eyes sparkled, their mouths yawned and I knew our fun had come to an end. Bedtime had arrived. Later that night I couldn't help but catch the beautiful noise from each of my children....the sighs...the whispers of I love you in their ears. The sweet breathe, in and out , in and out, I never tire of watching their little hearts beat perfectly. How blessed I am for these beautiful noises!
Bella dreaming of Goodnight moon!

Tim dreaming of It's time for bed little one

Mitchial with barky Marky dreaming of Hickory dickory dock

And my sweet Sam dreaming of Little Pea!!
It's all these sounds of life, coming in to my room. Sounds that I love! It's the music of life!!


Ryan, Melissa & Zachary said...

I love this post! Your kids are so sweet!!

Troy and Kathleen said...

Me too.. what sweet noises!! I saw Bella at Church, she is getting so big! Tell her to stop growing! =)